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Tera Kush 96% HHC Cart 1ml

Tera Kush 96% HHC Cart 1ml

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Refill cart for aromatherapy.

96 % HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol)
4% natural hemp terpenes

With natural terpenes from fresh hemp plants - distilled directly from the field and gently matured. Our Live Terps are reminiscent of grapefruit, apple and thyme. 

Invigorates directly and inspires the spirit.

The ultra-pure premium high hemp extract meets the highest quality standards and is regularly checked for purity, solvent residues, pesticides and heavy metals.

Ingredients: 96% hemp extract (HHC), 4% natural hemp terpenes.

Package content: 1ml cartridge (glass, ceramic) for the Premium High Aroma Pen.

1000mg high quality hemp concentrate (HHC).

No THC, knicotine.

Not suitable for e-shisha or other vaporizers. 

Due to current delivery difficulties, we may have to switch to other cartridges. The model can therefore deviate from the picture, but does not have to.


Your orders will be shipped with DHL or DPD. Your order will be shipped in neutral packaging.

The delivery time about 2-5 days depending on how isolated you live.

By using paper, our shipping has a small impact on the climate and oceans.


100% legal (legal opinion available)
THC free
controlled in laboratory


Aroma product: Not recommended for consumption. Keep out of reach of children.
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