Discover the strength of HHC.

100% legal

Premium High products do not contain THC. HHC complies with the Austrian and German Narcotic Drugs Act and the "New Psychoactive Substances Act"


Cannabinoids tested in the laboratory

is HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) toxic?

Besides a Cannabinoid Analysis we examined our HHC in more detail.

So we did tests on cells to check the toxicity. Conclusion: CBD and HHC are just as toxic.

It should be added here that we can only speak of the extract we use. Since HHC can be produced in different ways and, among other things, toxic residues could be contained, in order to be able to apply this to all HHC products in general, each HHC would have to be tested individually.

Without fillers and additives

Our cartridges are without PG (propylene glycol), without VG (Vegtableglycerin) and without oils but with 96% HHC and 4% Live Terps.


With organic terpenes

Our plants grow in the Weinviertel in Austria and are distilled there every year fresh from the field. The terpenes then mature for at least 1 year, during which time the aroma harmonises.

The myrcene it contains has a strong calming effect. Terpinolene gives the whole thing a great diesel note and limonene provides happy moments.

33% β-myrcene, 16% terpinolene, 15% β-pinene, 14% trans.ocimen, 6% (+)- Lime 10% other

Feel free to download our View terpene analysis.

Discreetly delivered to your home

Your orders will be shipped with DHL or DPD in a neutral packaging.

The delivery time is on average about 2-5 days.


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Irie Water

0,05% THC / 12,5mg THC.

CBD & CBN Vapes

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