What is HHC?

HHC stands for hexahydrocannabinol and is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. HHC was discovered by chemist Roger Adams in the 1940s. 

Is HHC legal to buy? 

Yes, HHC complies with the Austrian and German Narcotics Act and the "New Psychoactive Substances Act".

What is the effect of HHC? 

Bodies always react differently. It's better to be patient and try a small amount for your first use. 

What is the difference between HHC and THC?

HHC and THC are both cannabinoids. THC is recognized as a narcotic in most European countries and is therefore not legal. 

How is HHC made?

Since there is very little HHC in the hemp plant, it is much more sustainable to produce HHC from natural CBD. The molecular structure is 100% like the natural HHC.

Are there quality differences at HHC?

In any case. Different means can be used in the manufacturing process described. It is important that the work is done hygienically and professionally in order to obtain a pure and high-quality product afterwards.

How to check the quality of HHC?

 That can only be done in the laboratory. It depends on several factors: 

  • On the one hand it is important, as with all new substances, that there is no toxicity. We tested our extract for toxicity in a lab and saw that the toxicity is the same as CBD. 
  • On the other hand, there are always two variants in the HHC, the R and the S variant. Only the R variant is interesting for the body. Therefore, the right ratio of S and R is important. With our HHC the ratio is 1:1.

is HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) toxic?

Next to one Cannabinoid Analyse we examined our HHC even more closely.

So we did tests on cells to check the toxicity. Bottom line: CBD, HHC, and THC are just as toxic.

It should be added here that we can only speak of the extract we use. Since HHC can be produced in different ways and, among other things, toxic residues could be included, in order to be able to apply this to all HHC products in general, each HHC would have to be tested individually.

What is the specific HHC composition of Premium High?

A premium mixture awaits you with us. Our Magic Sticks are made from 48% R HHC, 48% S HHC and 4% Live Terps. 


What are live terps?

Our strains are always defined by the terpene profile used. Our HHC products use live terps. 

Live terps are harvested fresh from the plant, before it is dried. Depending on the strain, the fresh plants are distilled from either outdoor or indoor cultivation. Thus, all essential oils formed by the hemp plant can be extracted.

What is the difference between terpenes and live terps?

The big difference to terpenes, which are obtained in the dry state, is that a large proportion is already volatilized during the drying process. Our Magic Sticks with Live Terps therefore have a unique aroma.

Unfortunately, terpene replicas are often used, where only 4-8 monoterpenes are mixed together to replicate or mimic the aroma of certain strains. So don't let the names "Amnesia Haze" and co. fool you just because it looks familiar. 

You can find the natural terpene composition of our varieties as an image in the product description and also directly here: Terpenanalyse

How long will a Premium High cartridge last?

1ml HHC corresponds to approx. 10-15g flowers. This corresponds to approx. 400 to 600 usages. 

Can the Premium High cartridge be refilled with liquid or do you have to buy a new one every time?

HHC is very sticky and without heating the liquid it is extremely difficult to process. We will soon also offer HHC in small glasses for professionals to refill themselves, but it should be noted that the glass must be heated beforehand (either in a water bath or with a lighter).

The cartridge has cotton at the bottom which will wear out over time, so we advise against using it for too long. We recommend a maximum refill of 3 times.

What do I do if the Premium High cartridge sticks?

This is very rare, and if you don't remove the silicone cap, it's even less likely. 

But if it does happen: clean the hole in the black ceramic element with a toothpick, separate the cartridge from the battery and clean the contacts there as well.

How do I know that my battery is empty?

If the light flashes when you use it, it is a sign that the battery is about to run out. Simply screw the USB charger to the battery and charge for about 2 hours. 



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